Just like last week, today the under 35’s got together for another meeting with Rick Warren. My favorite part was the fact that they played the In the Year 2025 video, which got a solid response from everyone. Delightful. A couple of interesting ideas came up, wanted to record a few here.

  • There was a significant change in Saddleback 2-3 years ago, moving to really focus on the believers that were just sitting. His goal is to turn the audience into an army. Hence the launch of the P.E.A.C.E. plan and taking on more difficult topics and doctrinal series.
  • Rick one time did evangelism with a coffin attached to his car. Hilarious story. Another that involved a Santa Claus costume and a bar. You would die.
  • Saddleback is not seeker-sensitive per se … it is very much aware of seekers, but they don’t drive the direction of the church. Pastor Rick wants the focus to be on the purposes, which of course, include evangelism.
  • “We grow because people without Jesus go to Hell.”
  • Evangelism is taking what you love to do and sharing your faith through it.