Was sitting in church last night with my family, and so thankful for this incredible year that is about to come to a close. Wow, 38 years on the planet and this one definitely had it’s fair share of highlights. Some of the key moments this year:

  • Walking through a journey with our youngest with some development issues
  • God providing and blessing us with a few specific financial prayers
  • The journey of my parents health
  • Traveling to Rwanda with my firstborn son and letting Africa change our hearts
  • Speaking at our junior high summer camp
  • Being able to “adopt a family” we are close to and love this year
  • Serving with an incredible youth ministry team at Saddleback Church
  • Starting a little experiment with my some great friends called Download Youth Ministry
  • Taking a huge risk on leaving More Than Dodgeball
  • My “boy becomes a man” father/son trip to Dallas
  • Being a part of the youth ministry conversation at national events like YS’ NYWC and D6 Conferences
  • Watching God work beyond my wildest dreams in my kids hearts

Lots more in my journal, just thought it may be good to share a few here. Hope you’re taking some time to reflect on 2013 as well, Christmas is such a good time for that. Here’s the a great New Year, too!