Peace isn’t the avoidance and absence of conflict. Peace is the fierce possession of safety and security. When we are filled with peace, experience the best joy and a confidence that is unbent and unbroken. In peace we live unprotected, unbridled, and unashamed. In peace we live free from conflict, and more importantly, we are unshackled from the fear of conflict.

What battles unceasingly rage in your life?
Why are you looking over your shoulder and around the corner?
Where do you constantly TREAD SOFTLY in conditional response to pain?
What vile thief has come and stolen your peace?

Stolen or lost, it doesn’t matter; the result is the same. Without peace, our hearts are seeped with Dread perfectly, and He works so potently to deaden our soul.

I have had my life INTERRUPTED by Philippians (4:4-9). I have learned a way to receive a peace from God that far surpasses anything I can create on my own:

>>>CHOOSE to be inwardly joyful, outwardly gentle.
>>>PRAY my requests with a spirit of thankfulness.
>>>THINK about everything that is great (true, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy).
>>>LIVE according to the spiritual lessons I’ve learned from others.

God’s peace is a grace, a mercy, and a mystery. We do not deserve to have God near to us, yet he approaches us most intimately. Our choices—which can be so deeply reeking of evil—ought to result in consequences that make peace impossible. Our understanding is too limited to comprehend the peace, even while we’re enjoying it.

I think it’s time. Too many ought to rediscover peace from the God of peace.


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