This is a series of blog posts I’m going to write fairly often, hoping that they hit many of you right where you need it today. Maybe you’re reading this shortly after I wrote it or stumbled on it from Google months later … I hope it is at just the right time. Maybe you’re not in this situation now but need to forward this to someone who is. Maybe you need to print this and drop it in the bottom of your desk in the church office for the time when you will need it. Either way … READ THIS.

READ THIS: when you compare your youth group to another youth group

Bloom Where You’re Planted
These were some of the most powerful words ever said to me. It came at a time when I was looking around in frustration at my ministry, my eyes were wandering for more and I was always wishing for a bigger crowd in a sexier ministry. How selfish, naïve and sad. God had called me to my church, but my brokenness inside was already thinking about next and more and bigger.

A couple thoughts if you find yourself uneasy with your ministry:
God has called you here for TODAY
Remember back to when you were first called to your church. It was so clear, you were so full of anticipation and excitement to serve God. They were going to PAY you to minister to students? What!? But that was then – now there’s frustration with the deacon board, the tension with your senior pastor and parents that seem impossible to please. God has called you TODAY to THIS church. Serve like it, love like it, and refuse to let circumstances distract you from the high calling you’ve been given.
God will guide your steps TOMORROW
Is it time to leave your church? Maybe so. Is it possible God is removing some of the comforts and passion to help you see His guidance for your next steps? Sure. But know that God has tomorrow taken care of and pray for wisdom and guidance on where you go from here. Trust in Him, don’t manipulate your future or convince yourself you have to manage your career and occupation.
If these are true … then bloom where you’re planted! Throw yourself into your ministry at your church today. Serve with reckless abandon. Run toward the conflict and work to resolve it. Forget about speaking at that next youth pastor network and be a good youth pastor. Don’t give up on the dream of writing a book but make sure you’re journaling your lessons today with others.