Just read this in the Christian Post about re-thinking youth ministry in the post-modern age. Here’s a clip:

“I could approach this in one of two ways,” he said. “I could keep doing ministry to youth or I could start engaging students and build meaningful relationships with them.”

Folmsbee’s new book does not present a new model or a specific formula for youth ministry. Instead, it’s an attempt to look at some of the tenets of youth ministry — evangelism, discipleship, student leadership and missions trips, he said.

“Part of why we’re discontented [is] we have these models that don’t seem to be working but we’re not doing much else to change that.”

While practical, the book provides a “new lens” through which to look at youth ministry, prompting youth workers to ponder different and more effective ways ministry can be done based on the way church culture and student culture is, Folmsbee explained.

“Could we really start to do something different?” he posed to youth leaders.

And not just for the sake of change, he added, but changing for maximum impact.