One of the most important parts about any youth workers job is that of servant leadership. Jesus oozed servant leadership. We want to become more and more like Jesus so we need to learn how to be servant leaders as well. Because Jesus was all about servant leadership, it is the reason why so many people flocked to and were attracted to his teachings. As youth workers and pastors, being a servant leader is a must for leading staff, volunteers and students and guiding them to move closer to Jesus and to be more like Him.

There are 8 things that are a must for servant leadership and we must be able to learn how to do these things.

A servant leader:

1. Leads with heart, leads with love. Connects with people.

It’s not about me. It’s about you. You need to be willing to sacrifice your own needs, wants and desires to help those around you. You put the needs of others ahead of your own and be genuinely interested in others. You need promote healing in damaged relationships. If you genuinely love the people you are leading they will be more open with what you have to teach them because they know you really do care for them. A genuine heart tears down walls, it allows you to love them and lead them.

2. Listens effectively and communicates well.

Accept, invite and ask for feedback. You don’t have all the answers. You might have an answer for everything but its not always the right one. You need others to help come up with the best answers. Value the creative input of others. Ask good questions to clarify. We need to try to create a dialogue not a monologue. You might have a good answer, but together there can be the best answer.

3. Are open, available, and approachable.

As a servant leader you need to be available and not be so standoffish. You have to have open times in your schedule to allow some feedback and allow some to come to you if they need. One of the most important things we can do is to be vulnerable. If you are open to the people around you, you will set the bar on allowing the people under you to be open as well.

4. Is Humble, in a genuine way.

I don’t know how else to say it, but a servant leader is not prideful, they don’t brag or boast. They are not self-absorbed; they are not selfish or self-interested. They need to have a healthy, realistic view of themselves as God’s servants. They are not power seeking, gory seeking, or influence seeking but they are seeking God’s power, God’s glory, and looking to God for influence.

The other 4 qualities of a servant leader I will post tomorrow! To be continued…