Learnings from Proverbs 3:

Always be a learner and record your learnings (v1)
Learnings will reduce stress (v2)
Honor your word (v3)
Reward those that do honest business with you with more work (v3)
Use human wisdom, but rely on God’s supernatural direction (v5)
Don’t give into the folly of only human guidance (v7)
Make sure your business doesn’t just take, it gives back (v9)
A bad year could be a reminder from God of these principles (v11)
Make use of common sense (v13)
Applying wisdom is life-giving and a measure of true success (17,18)
Sound judgement should be in the front of our mind (v21)
Don’t shy away from generosity to those that are truly in need (v27)
Don’t put red tape around giving generosity (v28)
Study and learn from bad examples (v31)
God’s blessings extend to your home (v33)
Make sure humility comes before everything else (v34)
Don’t waste any bit of your life being a stubborn fool (v35)