We got this email in the inspired this week’s poll question:

Hey, Just wanted to say Thank You to the whole DYM team! Your leadership and experience is invaluable. I’m the Middle School Youth Director at my church and have been listening to you for a couple years now. The church that I serve at has 2000+ people with a youth group with about 400 students and 70 volunteer leaders in it. We have one full-time youth pastor, one part-time (28hrs a week) and one very part-time (10hrs a week).

We’ve been asking for more full-time staff for quite a while now to no avail. As of right now we are really spread thin. All this leads up to my question. What do you feel is a good ratio of full time staff to students? (If possible would love it if you could do a poll on this also, I would love to here others feed back.)

This is a little bit of a “big church” question, but would LOVE your vote!