So this week on the “Talk Like a Pirate Day” youth ministry podcast we talked about a snackfood called Pirate’s Booty, which I had never tried before. So Wendy and Kevin show up this weekend to Wildside with a bag of it – just for me to try. How cool is that?

Now knowing them and their healthy California ways, I figured it would taste like a combination of mulched tree bark and tofu with sand poured on it. I’m telling you, these people should buy stock in Trader Joe’s or start a small organic farm in their backyard. When I’m eating a green chili burrito and I’ll look over and they’ll be eating an entire green pepper like it was an apple. That’s SICK, man! Anyhow, my expectations were very low for this treat, a) considering the source and b) considering they sell the product at Juice It Up! and Whole Foods.

It’s SO good! I don’t know if the pirates actually ever ate it or if it’s a shameless abuse of our great pirate history, but they sure should have. Basically it’s a rice/corn/organic/salty/puffed something or another that’s pretty OK. Give it a shot some time, or walk the plank.

Bonus: It’s fun to offer some to friends! You can use the phrase, “Want some booty?” which always gets a laugh.