Had a really fun Passion venue weekend at Saddleback, we’ve got some donuts and coffee greeting people as they enter, it’s starting to turn the tent into a somewhat welcoming environment. Pastor Tom spoke this weekend on Psalm 23 – a great challenge to get rest from our busy lives and go deeper in our walk with God. Good stuff – had a testimony from the Celebrate Recovery Summit, too, and I managed to work in my “Shrimp Grits” story in the introduction. Fun!

In the middle of the message, they had scheduled a song and we instead opted for some background music while everyone rewrote Psalm 23 in their own words, shaped by the context of their personal lives. I think the temptation with Scripture is to always read it in the general, and never see it intersecting with real life. This particular idea was one I experienced at Granger back in 2004. A powerful exercise …

Getting ready for the big SHAPE series this Fall. Look out!