Last night I spoke at an Understanding Your Teenager event in Palm Desert, CA. It was a great evening and one of those where I left thinking, “Okay, I think people are walking away with some real solid help.”

The youth pastor did a great job hosting, promoting and casting vision for the parents in his community. Parents responding big! They were so thankful toward him and asked, “Can we do something like this every month?”

After the event I had a line of parents who were looking to dig a little more into their specific issues. I looked into the eyes of wounded, hurting, and desperate men and women in need to hope. Their desire for help was obvious!

It got me thinking…
1. Youth ministry is most effective when it’s connected with parents
2. Research points to the reality of the influence of parents on a teenager’s life
3. We’re told that we need to partner with parents in ministry


Would love your input. Don’t need theory (most of us get it)… need your specific and practical ideas. What are you doing to partner with parents? Let’s make a list in the comment section and I’ll pull them all out and compile them (similar to what I did with the question: what makes you most discouraged?)

So, what are you doing? Let’s help one another out with your ideas…let’s start a list and see where it leads. Leave a comment HERE