Angela had a teachable moment with the kids today – she was helping them learn about obedience and this funny story emerged.

The boys have been playing lots of preschool stuff on the home computer recently, but they have to be off by 11AM sharp and play with non-electronic stuff. Today, as Angela was walking up the stairs shortly after 11, she heard the clicks of a mouse and laughter of the boys as they played the computer. They heard her coming up the stairs, she could hear the computer being clicked off and the scamper of little feet running away.

She found them in the bathroom, hiding from her. In a very godly, motherly way she told them the story of Adam and Eve, and how they ate the forbidden fruit and then hid from God just like they were doing. She was particularly impressed with the way they listened and really felt that her motherly duty was complete.

Later that afternoon at the park, she revealed a treat for the kids – some fruit! They were all very excited about it except Austin, who looked at mom and in all seriousness said, “I don’t want any – God doesn’t want me to eat the apple.”