///our children

our children

today was a long day…I was in San clemente for their first service, and then came home to get ready for a party we had at the park to celebrate Morgan’s first birthday. lots of people showed up and it was a ton of fun…

within 2 weeks we’re adopting our fourth child…the birth mother and father and their moms showed up to the party today…really cool since they drove all the way from riverside…

tomorrow we will find out the gender of our fifth child, who is due in November. Misha really wants another boy, giving us five boys… I’m fine with whatever God sees fit to provide us with. I’m not much for hoping in the utterly unpredictable…

Grammy and Grandpa are in town, so that’s always really really fun. (and no, I’m not just saying that because they read this blog. first of all, I don’t think they do. second, how little you know me if you even wondered that.)


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