This video was from our opener to our fall kick-off. So simple and easy and it was a huge interactive piece to launch service. It was a hit.

I work with, in my opinion, the greatest team. Our staff and volunteers are the best. Our church is huge on reaching people who are far from God and bringing them near to God and our team is no different. We do these things called ONE NIGHTS. At our church our senior pastor challenges all believers to have a “one-life”. We believe the best evangelism is one-on-one, through an authentic and caring relationship and a “One-life” is the one person you are pouring into who does not come to church so they hopefully come to know Jesus. It is who you share your life with and faith faith. ONE NIGHTS are nights where we challenge our students to bring their “one-life” to church. It’s not someone who goes to another church, but someone who they think would never come to church and they take us up on the challenge. It’s such a great way to help create the culture of inviting within our ministry.

We usually have a big event after service and we don’t want to bait and switch new students. So our service is pretty standard to what we normally do on a Wednesday night. Our hope is the new students would realize this place is not so bad and they would be interested in coming to check this Jesus guy out. 

We play some games (we use the new DYM games app) and give out prizes, have some fun and expose students to who Jesus is. If you are interested in what our big ONE NIGHTS are like, I have posted a video of our service below. Please let me know if you have any questions.