We’re trying something new – may be one of those things that becomes and annual event (or more often even) or maybe something we never do again! Here’s the scoop – we want to get our small group leaders and the parents of the students in groups together to give an update on the year, share concerns and more. We’re stoked about this! Here’s some of the communication we’ve sent out about it:



WHAT IS IT? Similar to a Back to School Night a parent would attend at their student’s school, the Life Group Parent/Leader Conference is an opportunity for parents to come and meet with you! It is mandatory for all leaders to attend this event on the night their Life Group usually meets.
WHO IS IT FOR? Just for parents (or Legal Guardians) and Life Group leaders! No students allowed! 

WHAT CAN I EXPECT? Parents will begin the evening gathered in the Refinery Theater to hear from Pastor Josh Griffin and a panel of pre-selected leaders. Then, parents will have an opportunity to meet with you, to get to know you better, and ask any questions they may have in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Schedule for the night:
6-7 p.m. Leader Dinner & Training @ Refinery Gym
7-7:30 p.m. Leaders set up their tables/area (similar to Kick Off Night, but nothing special is required!)
7:30-8:15 p.m. Main program @ Refinery Theater
8:15-9 p.m. Leaders and parents meet/talk at tables around Refinery

WHAT CAN I PREPARE? The majority of your time will be spent with all of the parents from your Life Group, and then they can stick around if they want to talk one-on-one.
When you meet with all of them:

  • Share about how the year has gone so far, highlights and what you see God doing in their kids’ lives.
  • Share some steps you’ve challenged their students with and how the parents can support those next steps. For example, maybe you’ve challenged your group to have a more regular quiet time. The family could support this by regularly asking their student what they’re learning about God. 
  • Share some of your goals for the group for the remainder the year. 

As you chat with parents one-on-one, have these things in mind:

  • A general overview of the student’s participation in Life Group. 
  • Specific ways that you see God moving or challenging their student. 
  • Ask if there are any ways that you can more specifically support their family. 

Assure parents that you’re available to them, and want to support them. Make sure they have your phone number, and let them know they can contact you at any time. If appropriate, you may pray together for their student before you end your time.
DO I NEED TO BRING ANYTHING? You can bring candy/treats for parents if you want, but we will provide coffee and cookies for everyone.