There is something about the New Year that makes people a little more open to change. I think it’s because it’s the time of the year where people look at their lives and want to change something about themselves in hopes this year will be better than the last.

I feel like it can be tempting to do the same with our ministries this year. This is great, I am not saying we shouldn’t have goals and bench marks for the year at all. What I am proposing is taking a look at out ministries Re:Solutions (regarding resolutions, which I stole from Andy Stanley’s new series because it’s awesome and clever).

In this season of ministry, where I am leading two pretty good sized ministries with new teams and volunteers, instead of having a list of goals and resolutions, I want to have a one word Re:Solutions (regarding solutions) for my ministry. Meaning, I picked one word and everything I do this year will go back through the filter of this one word to make sure it is regarding a solution I want to see this year in ministry. If what I am doing does not fit within this filter of this one word, then I am going to have to ask myself why am I doing that thing. This way, I don’t pigeon-hole myself in thinking and doing ministry but I am still moving forward with goals to push myself to make the ministries more like this one word I choose.

For example, my one word regarding solutions (Re:Solutions) in my ministry for this year is:


I believe this year needs to be a year of health for the ministries I oversee. Instead of creating a huge list, I simply will ask the question: “Will this help make my ministry healthier?”. If we deem it does not, we won’t do it. If we deem it will, then we will do it. Hopefully we will see some great results and we are not getting lost in this huge list of “to-do’s”.

So for me I want to ask:

What do I need to do to make volunteers healthier?

How do I make mid-week programs healthier?

How do I help make our students healthier spiritually?

Why? Healthy things grow. We would be lying to ourselves if we did not want to grow in some way, shape or form. I want to see us continue on the growth path we are on right now. I want to be healthy enough to sustain more growth.

Healthy is my one word Re:Solution.

What will be yours? What word will help you focus this year? What one word do you want to see your ministry more of? Healthy? Bold? Growing? Spiritual? Disciplined? What? Tell us in the comments below!