I have devoted my life to God, but there is always something more to devote. This is the spiritual life: a continual giving more to God, of giving back to God.

Lately, I have given over my desires to consume food. It’s been a titanic battle, and I’ve had great success–both assuring me that is the right direction.

Even in victory, there is room for deception, how it creeps, slow and subtle. I have found it easy to say to God, “I can’t give another thing right now, let us wait until I’m done with this struggle.” What a self-indulgent foolishness.

Giving God one thing is never a valid reason for withholding from him another thing.

“BUT THIS IS ALL I CAN GIVE RIGHT NOW!” It may be heartfelt and empathetic, but simply isn’t true for the spiritual life.

If I’m aware that God wants it, then it’s time to give it up.

How do we know this is true? It is the Holy Spirit that convicts, and it is God who gives us the strength to surrender and trust in him. It is God who provides a way out when we are tempted. It is God who loves us and knows us completely, asking from us when the time is right.

At times, we may need to say “Enough. Please. No more.” to our friends. For they do not possess all wisdom, nor do they empower us to give them what they ask.

God wants everything from us: heart, mind, soul, strength. We put our hand to the plow and don’t look back. His name is Jealous, and he doesn’t want to share us with anyone or any thing.

So how can we give to God everything? By devoting to him the next thing.