I’m sad today … I’ve just come to terms with a terrible truth. El Pollo Loco no longer serves black beans. Yes, I called the comment hotline. Yes, I got $1 off my next meal. Yes, I mentioned my sadness to the shift manager. But none of those things solace me.

One of the cheapest and best burrito runs has come to a sad end. The black bean burrito served faithfully for the past 20 years at the infamous California resturant, but the came to an end just months before the contract was to expire. A lot like Dan Rather, from what I gather. The BRC – beans, rice, cheese … substitute black beans and still just $1.00. Well, depending on the cashier.

Black beans were a staple during the Nixon administration and the free love period of the 60s, their familiar face always a welcome sight inside any burrito. We bid you a fond farewell, Mr. Black Bean, we barely knew you.

I guess I’ll have to make them at home now.