I am just going to say it. I have some talented friends. These friends love Jesus and can sing their hearts out for Him. I would say they are some of the best worship leaders I know. They are not up on the stage for themselves, they are not in it for the spot light, their only purpose is to lead others into worship through music. I have known these guys for years and I can tel you they are the real deal.

Their are two CD’s that just came out this Easter weekend. One from my friends from my former church, Christ’s Church of the Valley, in San Dimas. The Valley Worship. You can check out their link below:

Listen to the whole album: click HERE

Buy the CD on iTunes: click HERE

The other CD is from a super talented friend from South Hills Christian in Las Vegas. My friend Chris Fink leads it up, and the guy is extremely gifted. Their stuff is amazing as well.

Listen and buy the whole album: click HERE

I promise you will not be disappointed.