If you were wondering who was winning the NFL football race on TV, USA Today has the official results.

    • Booming kickoff. NBC’s return to NFL broadcasts scored a touchdown as Sunday’s Indianapolis Colts-New York Giants game became the week’s most-watched program (22.6 million viewers). It averaged more than every regular-season game on ABC’s Monday Night Football going back to September 2000. Thursday’s opener
      on NBC between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins was No. 3 (19.2 million). The games were the week’s top two prime-time broadcasts among advertiser-coveted young adults.

And by no means was the Sunday night game tecnhically flawless, but this screenshot from Monday night is of a graphic never meant to see live television that just screamed for a picture (click to enlarge and see the funny flub).

And did you watch the opening movie for MNF? OK, I’ll admit it, that was pretty cool. Still though, NBC easily comes out on top for all of the right reasons.

Preseason: NBC
Week 1: NBC