The Miami Heat took the NBA Championship last night, pretty exciting finish since there were down a couple of games and came back to win it all. Too bad Shaq’s not in LA anymore, eh? But I think the most exciting part of the whole series was millionaire Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. I think I followed him more than the actual games themselves. I just can’t tell if he’s totally cool or a complete moron.

So I watched him on Letterman the other night, and listened to his comments about Trump and it was all very interesting. I appreciated the perspective on wealth and hearing his journey to billions, though it’s pretty difficult to know if the anecdotes were true or not. And I’ve been reading about his NBA fines and following his blog with great interest. Is he just a spoiled rich guy? Or is he a half-mad genius?

I’m not sure I’ve still come to a decision yet, but I very much respect a guy who puts it on the line for what he believes in.