Did you see Church Rescue on the National Geographic channel this past week? The new show just premiered … and I’m not going to lie to you, the idea really fascinates me. It feels a lot like Restaurant: Impossible and focuses on turning churches around. Here’s the first 5 minutes of the first episode if you want to check it out:

CHURCH RESCUE is in many ways like Extreme Home Makeover – except instead of rebuilding homes, these guys are rebuilding churches. The show follows “The Church Hoppers”, a team of ministers specializing in helping struggling sanctuaries get back on their feet. After being contacted by pastors looking for a helping hand, The Church Hoppers dig deep to uncover the church’s problems and then provide them with solutions – a faith lift if you will. Over the course of the first season we’ll get to know The Hoppers as they answer their calling to revitalize churches across America inside and out.

I think this idea is so great, especially if the changes are to way more than first impressions and remodeling. I’ll be watching with great interest!