Read a great post over on 360Voice about the upcoming console war and how/why the 360 is coming out on top at the moment. A great piece if you’re into videogames, here’s a clip of a particularly good section. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next few months.

Beyond the console: Being a passionate gamer, I don’t stop thinking about games when I get up from my console. I want to be able to share those experiences with everyone–and not just my buddies online. Building upon the Identity and Connectivity, Microsoft is taking it one step further. What began as something simple as being able to display your gamercard online for all to see, Microsoft’s willingness to share this data with the community has really taken things to the next level. Gamers can now show off their gamercard on their own terms and with their own designs. They can have their console automatically blog about what they play, and they can chart their gamerscore over time. As the community continues to develop and more people work with the data, the possibilities truly are endless. Combine this with Live Anywhere and we will be interacting with our games and friends on a whole new level.

Bottom Line: Microsoft has a clear set of goals. They want to allow gamers to create identities, connect with other gamers, customize the gaming experience, reach out to the gaming community, and take gaming beyond the console. With solid hardware backing this, their software is creating a seamless experience across all games. We know regardless of the game, we will always have these features available to us.

Did you know my Xbox even has a blog now?