///my twitters from last week

my twitters from last week

  • new post >>> http://abnormalize.net/ >>> why superficial spirituality is attractive (for me) #
  • Without confidence, every comment feels like criticism. #
  • Lonliness can keep us from boldness. #
  • something worth considering: http://www.radicalis.com #
  • Good time management starts with great theology: it is blasphemy to believe there isn’t enough minutes in the day. #
  • new post >>> http://abnormalize.net >>> my take on the book of eli #
  • You must learn to love yourself as an expression of your love4God. Then will you be able to love others. 2commands w/ 3loves. #
  • No need to be sorry-RT @markhcox Listening to the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast…I have to admit it, I miss @mattmcgill! Sorry @dougfields #
  • Is there anyone in your life who you are treating as if they were disposable? #
  • What if we struggled to earn trust and grieved when we broke it? #
  • new post >>> http://abnormalize.net/ >>> what wisdom is #
  • If a choice doesn’t have a consequence, it’s not really a choice. >> #
  • Life isn’t accidental & no one is invincible. We DO make choices and FACE real consequences. #
  • In light of choice and consequence, we ought to be more reflective about our mistakes & more responsive to God’s wisdom #
  • Spiritual maturity means self-discovery, developing a personal ownership to God’s call in our lives. #
  • @BtheYouthGuy yup. in reply to BtheYouthGuy #
  • The right hope is wonderous and wordless, a solid stillness that can’t be shaken. #

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