///my tweets from last week!

my tweets from last week!

  • Do you spend more time thinking about the past, present, or future? What is great about your focus? What’s a weakness? #
  • On my way to baseball springtime with @dougfields and Greg Vujnov. Looking forward to the hotdogs. #
  • RT @markhcox We landed in Atlanta. This guy was excited to greet us. http://twitpic.com/16rjpe // why did you post a pic of me sleeping? #
  • Shot. I just woke up from my nap and remempered that I forgot to have pizza fromvtge buffet. #
  • I’m eating at over easy, breakfast place featured on dinners, drive by’s and resturants, show on food network (I don’t watch it) #
  • Let’s play Chess With Friends on the iPhone! My username is ‘mattmcgill’. http://bit.ly/7xpPA #
  • Affirmation creates more change than correction. Note to self: stop forgetting this. #
  • One of my leadership killers: I don’t just strike when the iron’s hot… I strike when I’m hot… #don #039;t_be_like_me #
  • drives me crazy: stock answers that fail to listen to a question but succeed at being worthless. #
  • Truth first. Wisdom second. Faith before both. #

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