///my tweets from last week!

my tweets from last week!

  • @tonysteward go ahead and Twitter it! 😉 in reply to tonysteward #
  • super fun to have lunch with jeff maguire, few people understand me like he does. it is a comfort to be known. #
  • @edstetzer speaking at saddleback: “forgiveness is who God is, why Jesus came, and what Christians do.” #
  • The best way to get ready for God to do something new is to thank him for the new things he did in the past. #
  • RT @randycraft23: Christianity isnt ABOUT Jesus, it IS Jesus and our closeness to Him // well said randy! #
  • in an Easter planning meeting … meetings=FAIL … Easter = will be awesome …. #
  • new post >> http://abnormalize.net >> being diligent without doing it all (spiritual ruts part 7) #
  • Read this and liked it and quoting it makes me sounds smart: “when applied to God, superlatives become diminutives.” (Paul Tillich) #
  • There is no part of me that could be more excited to teach foundations tonight! #
  • new post>>may be one of my all time favorites>> http://abnormalize.net >>Remember the unequal love principle (spiritual ruts) #
  • I love Thursdays. Great fun with a standing lunch and then the podcast. #
  • Opps another good tging on thursday RT @Mishamcgill @mattmcgill and of course date night with your wife!!! #
  • new post >> http://abnormalize.net >> take heart that you’re not alone (spiritual ruts part 9) #

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