///my tweets from last week!

my tweets from last week!

  • resting in God’s grace is the only way we can continually grow closer to him and become more like Jesus #
  • new post >> http://www.abnormalize.net >> getting out of the rut: get rid of guilt #
  • Don’t carry guilt for missing quiet times. This will lead to paralysis, which will lead to a numbing and hardening of the heart. #
  • I’m writing quiet time questions… I haven’t done this for a long, long time. #funstuff #
  • new post >> http://abnormalize.net/ >> getting out of the rut: reject ritualized religion #
  • Undercover boss was great. #
  • God’s rules are a roadmap for worship, a pathway to life. They are not a set of instructions for winning approval from Christians. #
  • Hurting yourself is a rejection of God’s sovereignty, a denial that everything belongs to him. #
  • new post >> http://abnormalize.net/ >> getting out of spiritual ruts: change things up #
  • I’m at rick’s conference! Check out http://www.radicalis.com for live stream. #
  • Fun night at foundations talking about the Holy Spirit’s role in teaching us the truth. #

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