///my tweets from last week!

my tweets from last week!

  • Excited to put together a five year discipleship plan for our church. If you have ideas, or your church has something, I’d love to see them #
  • So fun to do baptisms tonight, one person from last service was from foundations class we started last week! #
  • Just got done giving @jakerutenbar music video advice for the symconference. #
  • new post >> http://abnormalize.net/ >> getting out of spiritual ruts: do the “first things” always #
  • Today: w/ @dougfields talking about a message, then ministry planning, next: lunch with a new believer who has questions. GREAT STUFF! #
  • I don’t want to glorify the wrong things today. God ought to be the most exciting thing in my life. #
  • @dougfields says http://conference.youthministry.com will sell out <evil laugh> so many people be uncensored with for the live podcast. #
  • How much is enough? If ur answer ususually “a little bit more,” I’m betting you have problems. I know I do when I slip into this #
  • Thanks to John Stearns, I’m listening to Jesus culture. I’m not sure about their name, but I’m very sure that I love their stuff. #
  • What a night. Great spiritual insights and surprising personal implications from Galatians 4. #
  • At foundations tonight, we R talking abt revelation, inspiration, & illumination. why these are practical & personal and not just $5 words #
  • Tonight we are upgrading the foundations study with bowls of candy. Sweet! (pun intended) http://ow.ly/i/qKI #
  • Super fun night at foundations and Stayed late to talk with a group of deaf/hard of hearing. Tried to say thank you and signed a cuss word. #
  • There can be no question that God wants 100% from uss. The only way we can give God EVERYthing is to give God the NEXT thing. #
  • GREAT lunch with @Tom_Holladay. Off to SYM to save the podcast after being gone a few weeks. #doesthewprldspinwithoutme #

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