Yesterday I sat to make a list of things that I’m thankful for and it was no surprise that the bulk of the list included names. While I’m grateful for material possessions (house, car, mountain bike, back hair shaver, etc…) I find myself totally empty without people. My highs/lows all revolve around my primary relationships. My family would be an illusion if there wasn’t a depth of relational connection behind the role of husband and dad. My “career” would be meaningless to me without the sacred friends and ministry partners who have shared in the journey. And, my faith would be simply be a superficial hope if it wasn’t for being in a personal relationship with Jesus–who grabbed my attention as a teenager and whispered, “come to me, be with me, follow me.” What a ride! What a relational ride. Today I pause to reflect on a past year and a new one and I realize I am a richer, deeper, better and more thankful human because of others. I am the poster-child of “better together.”

What about you? What made your list?