I can’t even imagine the pain my friend and his family have gone thru recently in losing their amazing daughter Jessie to cancer.

Her battle made worldwide headlines and many of her friends met Jesus as a result of journey home.

This is short note that Jessie’s dad wrote me today:

Cancer sucks! Now that my 12 year old daughter Jessie has lost her courageous battle with two inoperable brain tumors I’m so convinced that something has to be done. Change has to be made. Kids need us now. Join me on Facebook. Erik (jessie’s daddy) www.facebook.com/jessicajoyrees

A donor has offered to give $25,000 to Jessie’s foundation if they can add an additional 100,000 likes on her Facebook page.

I can’t do much to help my friend Erik, but this is something I can do. I can use the platform of this blog to ask you to (1) “like” Jessie’s page, (2) use your influence to ask those within your circle of influence to “like” Jessie’s page, (3) ask your Facebook friends if they would “like” this page too.

Can you help? Seems like a very easy, doable ask!

Thanks for considering it.

For more of Jessie’s amazing story, GO HERE.

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