Just doing some reflecting this week over the incredible summer in our youth ministry. I’m exhausted, and sometimes when I need a push to the finish line I’ll reflect on what God has done – nothing like that for a little inspiration as we head into fall. So … here are my top 3 moments from ministry this summer:

Summer camp baptisms
I love baptisms! And summer camp always is one of the most special times of the whole summer where Life Group leaders and cabin leaders all jump in the water and participate in this special picture of Christ’s forgiveness. So special! Then seeing the pictures on Facebook and Instagram for the next several weeks … incredible.

Guys trip conversations
I’m just coming off of our guys trip just this past week, but the conversations were absolutely incredible. Get guys alone for a few days and they open up big time. Walls come down, defenses crumble and masks come off. Really, really special times of counsel, prayer and love. LOVE those guys.

Seeing our summer interns grow so much
Every year we bring in 3-5 homegrown interns in for the summer and this year they were absolutely astonishing. We had 3 of the 5 that were already feeling called to ministry, and the others cemented their decisions to use their lives in service in some way to teenagers. Quite honestly, not all of my plans for their intentional development worked out, but they grew and learned so much as they went … and managed to teach me a few things along the way, too.

So, those are my highlights! What was your favorite ministry moment this past summer?