In my 4 months of blogging, yesterday was my 100th post. 100 posts in 119 days…I have some friends who post that much in one week (Josh), but it’s a lot better than I thought I’d ever do.

I went out to lunch yesterday with some youth worker friends at the Orange Conference and one of the guys asked, “How do you like blogging?”

I said, “I like it better than I thought. It’s more difficult than I thought. And, I’m still trying to find a rhythm on what to write on.” I don’t really have a strategic plan for writing. I’m mostly just writing about whatever is on my mind or whatever was triggered from conversations. I don’t know if that’s the way to move forward, but that’s my plan until someone coaches me differently.

Here are the top 5 most viewed posts so far:

April 7: 10 Ways I Deal With Criticism


April 18: SPEAKING: 3 questions my audience is asking (part 2)

January 27: MOM: You lived well, you loved well…you left a legacy

March 1: MINISTRY & MARRIAGE: what season is your spouse in?

I was actually kind of surprised that my adventures with Dr. Ruth didn’t make it to the top 5. That’s the one I seem to hear the most about.

Here are the top 3 pages that were viewed beyond the posts:




On my 150th post maybe I’ll do a list of top 5 people who comment

Okay, if you’re a regular or a subscriber…what would be more helpful? What do you like? Not like? Would love your feedback.