It’s a great title, and some of the flying sequences are pretty cool. And that’s all of the positive things I can say about the film.

The rest of it sucked.

I love planes – and I love this particular piece of history – but terrible acting, weak sets, predictible plotline and at best a questionable reality make this a film to avoid. Anytime a movie is based on a true story I get excited, but nothing could save this thing. Except a time machine where you went back before it was made and shoot the director. You should probably not even go to a theater that is playing this movie, lest someone think you were watching Flyboys.

If you have to see this movie, make it a DVD rental using a coupon, this is barely worth $1.99 for that, and certainly not the $10 I just paid. At least McGill and Fields were there to share in the agony. Nothing better than having a reference point for the forseeable future of a movie “low.” And this one sits squarely at the bottom of the barrel. Avoid at all costs.