Just watched what I think might be the undiscovered movie of winter.

Deja Vu … it stars Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer and Hally-Berry-look-a-like Paula Patton. I went to see it with Tony this morning – a nice birthday treat from him. I had never heard of it, and the people I mentioned today seemed confused by the marketing and/or story.

I’m here to clear that up. The movie is great. I don’t want to spoil it, since there’s plenty of interesting twists and turns in the film. It kind of has a Terminator-CSI-sci-fi kick to it (which sounds bizarre as I read this over again), but it’s still grounded in the present day. Honestly, it’s now my favorite Denzel film, and a wonderful post-Christmas movie surprise.

It’s been out for over a month and finally just broke even for the production costs. That tells you people just aren’t going to see it. In fact, we drove 18 miles today to find a theater that was playing it. And I’m suggesting you do the same. A-