As we continue to move through our biggest youth group series of the year, You Own the Weekend, where students do everything, we continue to record learnings for others who are interested in doing this series. Here’s what was shared by Leo and Jessic athis week:

Capo Owns The Weekend (their mascot is Cougars, which explains the big inflatable cougar head) was AWESOME! Thank you all for your support and help throughout this weekend. Here are mine and Leo’s learnings from COTW, we hope you can benefit from them!

#1 Prepare the student team for each and every service.
Each of our four services has it’s own energy. So coach them through each one by letting them know what to expect. For example: Letting them know that the 4 o’clock generally has less people and less energy throughout the crowd. However, that does not give them a reason to let THEIR energy die down.   
#2 Don’t allow the buddy system
Don’t let students from your school participating sit next to friends that are also serving, really encourage them to sit next to someone they don’t know, or someone they find sitting alone. Continue to beat that drum, it may sound repetitive, but it is very easy for them not to take this rule seriously. 
#3 Don’t be afraid to give them space.
A huge win for us was not going to every meeting they had. Our presence as adult advisors can potentially hinder the sharing of a great idea, so it gave our students a chance to figure and follow through on some of their ideas themselves.