So you know I’m a Monday Night critic since the network change from ABC to ESPN.

They messed with a perfect formula, and I’m dissapointed. So far, NBC on Sunday nights has won by a large margin every week. But not so tonight, I’m happy to say that despite a great Sunday night game with amazing commentary, camera angles and all the usual magic (though the sideline reporter was dressed like a grandma – style that gal up!), tonight’s Monday Night Football was the game of the week. Surprise!

Maybe I’m just a sucker for the story – this was the first game in the Dome since Katrina. Essentially this was the grand re-opening of Louisiana to the world. There were generous crowd shots, an underthought national anthem and overthought appearance by Spike Lee. And aside from the very average commentating, it was a delight to watch a great football game on Monday Night again. Anytime there’s a good story, a blocked punt, a blocked field goal, a team bouncing back from the worst losing record in NFL history and Michael Vick taking a beating … well, I’m there.

Week 3: ESPN

The score is 3-1 in favor of NBC as we head into Week 4.