My wife thinks I’m overthinking this, but I’m about to do the unthinkable.

I’m going to jump ship from Monday Night Football. Now, this event is practically an institution in my family, to this day I call my dad and we talk through the 4th quarter – every single week of the season. The flexible schedule, the amazing introductions, unbelieveable games and perfect color commentary. Shoot, this is exactly as the game should be played.

The season hasn’t even started, but if what I’ve seen so far is it … well then, I’m out of there. And running. They’ve managed to kill the 36-year dominiation of MNF on ABC. Argh!

Here’s some thoughts from Associated Content read on and head there for more reason’s to switch:

Is Sunday Night Football going to become what Monday Night Football once was? With Monday Night Football switching to ESPN this fall, it will have a new network, new announcers, and probably less viewers because it will be on cable. Sunday Night Football is moving from ESPN to NBC, bringing former Monday Night Football announcers Al Michaels and John Madden along for the ride. The long-standing tradition of Monday Night Football will face a big test this fall. Let’s look at what is in store for both Sunday Night Football on NBC and Monday Night Football on ESPN.

Sunday Night Football has a few big advantages over Monday Night Football. First, it will be on network TV, so it will be accessible to many more viewers. Another big advantage is that John Madden and Al Michaels will announce the games. Madden and Michaels are like old friends to millions of NFL fans. They were almost as important to Monday Night Football as the game itself. With their switch to Sunday Night Football, Madden and Michaels bring instant credibility and familiarity to the NBC broadcast. In addition, Sunday Night Football will benefit from the NFL’s new flexible scheduling system. For the second half of the NFL season, Sunday Night Football games will not be predetermined. This way, only prime time matchups between playoff contenders will air. There will be no more boring matchups between cellar dwellers, like there used to be on Monday Night Football.

Along with Al Michaels and John Madden, Andrea Kremer will be reporting from the sidelines for NBC. Sunday Night Football’s halftime show features Bob Costas, who will be joined by former NFL players Cris Collinsworth, Jerome Bettis, and Sterling Sharpe. With an all-star cast, the halftime show should be an entertaining and informative segment that will be worth watching.

I’m headed to Sunday Nights, folks. Hopefully my dad will join me, how about you?