Pretty solid movie. Went with Leigh, Drew, Gerry and about half of the HSM team. The theater was packed, so we got a pretty terrible angle and everyone had to sit in different places. On place I won’t sit is in the first 2 rows of any theater – why do they even have seats there?

Regardless, it really was a great movie. I’d give it 4 out of 5 for sure. Thankfully it stuck to the M:I mold but not too cliche in so many other ways like current Hollywood. I LOVE the villian in the film (played by Philip Seymore Hoffman) and have few gripes from start to finish.

Too bad the film only picked up 48M this weekend, I think that is a dissapointment for the studio. Perhaps Tom Cruise’s love life, new baby and general drama hurt the film? I’ve stayed away from that pretty much (as much as anyone can) and just enjoyed the movie.

Positive word of mouth will help the film – and be sure to read my friend Scott’s full review – he always posts great stuff, check it out on CS!.