Enjoyed Friday afternoon and Saturday at the Miramar Air Show – this is the place where the best and the brightest have been trained in Top Gun. While the Top Gun program has been gone for years now, this is still a super historic airbase and a powerful backdrop for the air show. We spent the night at a friend’s beach trailer in the area, so we were about a block from the beach – and just far enough away from home to be really “away.” So fun – here’s the highlights:

  • Seeing the V-22 (vertical takeoff rotor aircraft) in action
  • The jet engines of the Super Hornet- maybe the most incredible sound in the world
  • Seeing a MiG flying around San Diego
  • Actually getting to read a book from cover to cover
  • Sitting on the beach for 2 hours with the kids
  • Sitting in San Diego traffic for 2 hours (does this qualify as more time with the kids? Argh.)
  • Reese’s Pieces, hole-in-the-wall-resturants and Salt & Vinegar chips