This weekend we are about to do another After Service Event. We played “Extreme Bingo” last time and it was such a huge hit with our students! This weekend we are going to be doing a Minute to Win It game show, playing different minute games, giving away some sweet prizes, extra bonuses for students who bring friends to service and the Wheel of Misfortune Makes a return. It should be pretty great.

As we are prepping for this weekend, I thought I would share some videos we found (click HERE to check them out) on YouTube that could take your “Minute To Win It” night to the next level. These videos are the instructions on how to play each game. They are well made, they give visuals for the games and you can download them from Youtube and throw them up on your screen making it look very clean and like you know what you are doing (those are my favorite types of videos)! Such a great addition to have to make programming run smoother.

Here are some of those video for you to get the idea: