I like immediate results…

Who doesn’t right? I mean, who really likes to wait for anything? Sometimes I fall into the culture in which we are infused. with Google, smart phones and Siri, we have immediate information whenever we want it. There are microwave dinners (which I lived on in college) that give you instant dinners. We don’t have to memorize phone numbers because our phone gives us that information right then and there (I still remember my best friend’s home phone number).

Sometimes I feel this type of thinking falls into ministry. Although there might be some immediate wins here and there with things like events because you can easily tell if people showed up or not, for the most part ministry is not immediate. I wish it was, but it’s a process. Sometimes I believe we have the “Extreme Home Make Over” mentality where it is going to just take a week for God to completely transform a person but this is not how God works. He does not fall into the “right now” culture we live in.

Sometimes we need to remember sometimes we will not see the fruit of our labor…

And it’s okay.

There will be students we continually pour ourselves out to and we don’t seem to be getting anything in return. We don’t see anything working. But never discount what The Lord is doing in their hearts. We can’t see how God is working in them and they might leave our ministry not showing anything for it and we might not have any idea if something will ever come of it.

Growth is a process. So let us not grow weary for pouring into students because there will be a a season of growth whether we get to see it or not.But we are to be faithful in our calling and serve our students and sometimes we get to see the fruits of it.

And it is one of the greatest gifts on the planet.

Galatians 6:9 – And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.