I would love for Wednesdays to be a ministry/idea day. I would love it if these days are just days in which I throw out some of the things that are on my mind about ministry, whether regarding systems, church services, ideas for ministry, or organizational stuff that goes into a service. My dream would be to create a dialogue in order to throw ideas out there and hear back what is working for everyone else where others can come here and get ideas for their ministries and services. Feel free to comment and share what is working for you.

I’ll start with just an idea that I would love to eventually try for HSM. Facebook Devotionals on your ministriy’s Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook page for your ministry, I would recommend that you create one. Chances are 90% of students have Facebook and it is a quick and easy way to communicate really fast on things going on in your ministry (I would recommend making a fan page rather than making a person’s Facebook for the ministry).

This is a very simple concept. Once a week on a designated day, sometime between 3pm-10pm (because that is when most kids are on Facebook) you would record a 3-5 minute video devotional and put it up on your ministry’s page. This would be a sweet mid-week spiritual development time. For the most part, students would watch a quick video. This could be something you have planned out for a series or something that you have been reading on your own quiet time and just sharing with the students.

You can even open it up to some of your small group leaders or volunteers to record something to get some different people on there sharing. This would be a great way to see what leaders are learning and would encourage them in participating in their quiet times on a personal level and this would also show students that you and the leaders are constantly in the Word and hopefully encourage them to do the same thing.

We do not do this at the moment at HSM, but it would be something that I would love to try.

Do you do something like this already? How is it? If you do try it, tell me how the response is! If it works for you, it might work for other ministries. Would love to hear some feedback.