With fantastic game, unbelieveable LIVE, the amazing Gears of War and now Halo 3 on the horizon … shoot, I’m rooting Xbox360 all the way. Interestingly enough, Merryl Lunch has predicted Xbox as the winner in this round of the console wars. Couldn’t agree more.

Merrill Lynch forecasts that in 2011, the 360 will hold a 39% share of the international market, with PS3 at 34% and the Wii trailing with a respectable 27%. This would make for a stark turn as the PS2 has enjoyed a 69% share of the worldwide market.

Microsoft’s weak spot remains Japan. According to the report, Sony will continue to own the land of the rising sun with a 57% market share, while Wii follows with a 39% share. No share numbers for the Xbox 360 were offered, which seems about right for Microsoft’s future in Japan.

As for North America, which has grown to become the most significant territory for console and software sales, Merrill Lynch predicts Microsoft will have a profound lead by 2011. The firm reports Microsoft will have hold of 50% of the North America market while Sony is expected to have just a 27% share. Nintendo follows closely behind with a 23% hold in North America.