Last time I gave you my favorite ideas for cheap & delicious food to serve up to your youth group (Go Costco Pizza!). This month, I have two great insider tips I want to pass along that are both youth worker tested and total winners.

Tip #1: Why cook or buy food when you can have kids’ parents bring the food for you? There is nothing better than a home cooked meal. The drawback is that it’s a hassle to call up all the parents and have them sign up to bring dinner on a specific night. Fear not! There is a website that removes most of the hassle for you. It is called You simply log on and enter the names and email addresses of your groups’ parents and the dates for when you need food. The software sends out emails and invites the parents to log-on and select a date that works for them. The software keeps track of who signed up to bring what and when. It also sends the parent a reminder the week of the event to let them know they better start cooking! Parents can log on to see what other parents are bringing and what dates are still available. I use it for my weekly small group and it works great!

Tip # 2: For those times when I want to take a couple of kids out for a genuine restaurant meal, I head to for discount coupons. If you enter your zip code, the site gives you a list of local participating restaurants and lets you buy a $25 food coupon for $10. Great Savings!

There are more that 20,000 restaurants worldwide that use the site. The coupons are just like cash and they never expire. This has saved me a ton of $$$$.

I hope this helps!!! Let me know if you have any great food tips by emailing me at [email protected]