It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Do you have good ideas sitting on your hard drive? If yes, move to #2.
  1. Get it in the hands of someone in your church who can help you edit it and tighten it up. Yes, it’s only going to be sold for a couple bucks, but the longer we do DYM, the better material we’re beginning to see. We can’t do a full-blown edit on your resource, so we trust you’ll get some help. If you do, move to #3.
  1. Submit it here

That’s it! The rest is automatic…

  • Your resource enters into our publishing pipeline—where we release about 6 new products a week.
  • You join the team of over 100 DYM authors
  • You collect a monthly royalty on everything sold (we’ve actually got several DYM authors who are making thousands of dollars a year by allowing others to use their stuff).

Youth workers waiting to borrow your idea and make it their own—this is Crowd-Sourcing at its best.