And the winner… er… loser… well, the one who won the contest but lost because of this parent… is Youth Pastor Jono Davis. We’ll try to help with the pain by putting an extra 2,000 points into your membership account.

Here’s what Jono wrote to accompany the letter, “Not sure why I still have this email. This one really stung because this parent referenced the previous youth pastor as well as the previous youth group name “This Place” at the end. It was still painful read even though it’s 5 years old.” 

On behalf of all youth workers… sorry Jono… just be glad that Emily and Ashley have graduated by now.



Honorary Mention goes to Adam Kuntz who sent us a angry parent email containing this line: “I must terminate you as pastors of my family and me.” If you’d like to hear the podcast where we read several of these emails, keep your eyes peeled for podcast #281!