There’s a lot happening at DYM and we want to serve a lot of different people, but the majority of time we’re talking about how to help YOU, our DYM Members win–and WIN BIG–with our resources. We have a lot of fun working together and we have even more fun working for you! Members rise to the top in our discussions; you are our target! You are committed and we are committed to you!

Here are a few fun pictures from some team activities this month! (Not suprisingly, they all seem to revolve around food.) But, no matter what we’re eating, we always say something like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if these other Del Taco booths were filled with DYM members?!” We really do wish YOU were here with us! And we’re always thinking of ways to make that happen. Have a great month! 

–Doug, Josh, and the DYM Team


Josh, Chip {our customer service champion!}, Cheri {scholarships and texting guru}, McB {the best whistler you’ll ever hear}, Caroline {our accounting wizard}, and Allison {who’s new, but is hoping to be the team dance instructor.}