FOMO. Fear of missing out. We all have it to a degree although few of us would like to admit it. We all know that student, let’s call him Chaz, who on a Friday afternoon is franticly texting his friends trying to get the scoop on where to be that night but never wanting to commit just in case a more incredible opportunity comes his way.

BUT we are adults and have WAY more self-assurance. We know you don’t want to miss out on great deals, clever resources or helpful training. January can be a crazy month so I wanted to give you guys the heads up on something cool you may have missed while you were discipling Chaz perhaps.

We had a conversation (via webinar) just a few weeks back about what it looks like to empower teenagers toward serving and brought in a couple veteran youth workers to kick it off for us. A few of you may have even been part of it. It was really great to hear everyone’s feedback and questions from who was able to attend and we are very excited to continue to have conversations like these.

There is a wealth of youth worker wisdom and community at DYM and we want to continue to tap into that more.

Here’s the recording of the conversation:

The best part is that for the first 30 seconds or so of the webinar we had a little technical hiccup that turned the camera on McB’s face. He had NO idea and is grinning like an idiot thinking how lucky he is not having to be on camera. In retrospect… it could have been A LOT worse hahaha.