This isn’t a free day…it may not sound as “serious” as the other six days, but today is just as big!

If you didn’t read last week’s posts, here was the challenge: do something simple every day that could impact/change/redirect the course of your marriage (over time).

Day 7 (Sunday) is Say “Yes!”

YES is attitude! Yes is sexy! A little more “yes” and there might be a little more fun, spark, romance and joy in your marriage.

It seems as though I hear troubled spouses say, “He/She never wants to do anything” or “I make suggestions, but they’re met with a ‘no’ or ‘I’m tired.'” Don’t allow that to describe your marriage. Add a little “YES” to it!

Review the other 6 actions from this “Marriage Week” blog and practice:
1. I’m going to minimize my spouse’s annoying behaviors. YES.
2. I’m going to look for ways to connect and listen and talk. YES
3. I’m going to stretch myself and use words that affirm. YES
4. I am going to become an expert in sexual/non-sexual touch. YES.
5. I’m going to figure out some fun & laugher & shatter routine. YES
6. I’m going to become an expert on my spouse & serve. YES.

If your spouse takes any step toward making your marriage better, please meet it with a YES.
• Let’s toilet paper the neighbors’ house! YES
• I’ve signed us up for ballroom dancing lessons. YES
• Let’s go on a walk tonight instead of watch TV. YES
• Let’s put up a tent in the backyard and go “camping”. YES
• Let’s go on this hill and watch the sunset and yodel. YES
• Let’s buy Doug Fields some Laker tickets. YES

Give it a try. Put it into action. Change your “no” and “not now” into a “YES” and see what happens.

Question: What specific “yes” would make your spouse happy? Share it here.


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