If you’ve missed Marriage Week on the blog this week, here’s what I’ve come up with so far:
Monday is Minimize
Tuesday is Talk (which is really connect & listen)
Wednesday is Words
Thursday is Touch

Simple actions that you can take every day of the week. Today is FUN!

Many define fun as, “what you do after you’ve got all your work finished.” The problem with that statement is that work is rarely ever finished.

If everything is predictable…predictability kills a marriage. All work and no play makes a dull marriage.

For many, once the wedding is over “fun” gets put on the PAUSE mode.

Marriage gets last priority. “S/he’ll understand. We’re busy right now. Besides, this busyness is only temporary.”

Unfortunately, a temporary, hectic schedule can easily become a permanent lifestyle.

Couples wake up one day and ask, “Where did all are those loving feelings go?” They died with the death of fun.

Adding a little fun:

1. Make a commitment to shatter routine
The “WOW” of dating can easily be replaced with the “OH” of marriage. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it?
• Something unusual to break the monotony?
• Something crazy just for your spouse?

2. Don’t make the time–you’ve got to take the time
Most marriages can attribute about 50% of our disconnectedness to our crazy pace of life.

Couples have to declare war on the pace of their lives. They have to blow up the excuses that keep an element of fun from appearing in their marriage. The nights of laundry need to be replaced with a dash of dating.

Forget “making time”… you’ve got to “take time”. What aspects of your courtship days were most enjoyable? Reintroduce some of that courtship into your marriage.

Hey, everyone hits a dry spell. Fine. Get over it. If it’s dry…add some water—do a slip-and-in the backyard and get things moving.

Question: What can you do to enhance some fun and playfulness in your marriage? Let’s gather some ideas and start implementing them once a week.


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